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Marching towards the end of the global economic crisis, Lelco has managed to strive forward towards a new era. The global economic crisis has proven to be difficult times for many, but for Lelco, a mountain of lessons to be learned and ample opportunities to stand strong and unite our vision.

This year, we were given the opportunity to reflect upon ourselves as a group. In order to improve, we need to understand ourselves better, knowing our strengths and weaknesses. 2011 is the time for Lelco to evolve and re-shape its foundation. The establishment of our corporate culture, image and values plays an important role in uniting our vision as a group. "Bridging the future" was chosen to represent our commitment in promoting new technologies and innovations into our group. The future will form itself according to our mind. Whatever our dreams are, we can create the reality. Every beginning begins with the end in mind. As Lelco diversifies into different industries, we cannot ignore the fact that Lelco begins with a vision. We will continue to infuse this idea into our different companies, be it in lighting, electrical or even property development industries.

Lelco as a group will continue to show profitable and extensive growth as we progress into a brighter future. We will also continue to show our upmost dedication to our customer and will enhance our customer service to provide better products and services to our customer.

Oei Hironemus Utari
Founder and Chairman of Lelco Group

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