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Lelco has grown to be a formidable company since its founding in 1980. The success of Lelco originates from the fact that we share common goals and values. The company culture is intended to integrate these common goals and values into a culture we live every day. It lays the foundation and nature of our activities, how we treat one another and our customers. One body, one vision, one culture, one Lelco.

Our Principles
We are a family-owned company. The idea of fully committing oneself to the company through good times and bad times is something that applies equally to everyone who works for it. We want to remain independent, growing by our own efforts. We recognize that in business, trust is very crucial. All of our business processes is executed with absolute commitment, trust and fairness.

Our purpose
We want to create a unique experience for our customers, satisfying our employees' needs, creating profitable growth for our owner and making a difference in our society, all at the same time. We strive to be the best in each sector of our group, providing satisfaction to all of our customers through our knowledge, service or management approach. We aim for a margin that would allow us to expand in our different sectors, aiding our research and development projects for both our lighting and electrical division. We want to project a high level of commitment and professionalism to the world.

Our employees
We recognize the importance of our employees and we aim at recruiting and developing the best of the best. Hiring the right employees and developing them to be part of the Lelco team is embedded in our corporate strategy. We want our employees to hold a high standard of respect of their peers and customer, and we want them to be a proud flag-bearer of our Lelco group.

Our Management Style
We invest heavily in the development of leadership within the group. We expect our leaders to hold a high standard of initiative, confidence and leadership. Competency and commitment to excellence is expected in every sector of the group. Individual sectors of the group are required to infuse innovation into their management style and adapt to the every changing requirements of the market. We will adapt strategic management style that applies to the different sector which is deemed to be suitable and tailor them according to our culture. Just-in-time processes, blue ocean strategy, and many others are a few common examples of the management strategy we adapt in our manufacturing and marketing division.

Our Responsibility to Society
We are committed in being a blessing in our community. We want to contribute to our society to the best of our abilities, and we support projects that would drive social development in our community. We care about our environment, and will continue to improve in our processes that is environmentally friendly and promote green products that will benefit our society.

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